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About Us

We believe that your medical records influence your life on many levels, from managing your dietary intake, vitamins, and prescriptions, to keeping track of your medical conditions, vaccinations, and other procedures.

MedicTrust provides you with a personalized health management tool that is secure, easy-to-use, and most importantly, life-empowering.

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Application Features

MedicTrust is a one-stop personalized online health management platform for managing, storing, and monitoring your medical journey. Our tools are designed to empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Medbooks Medbooks

Online journal that enables you to manage and store your medical records securely on the cloud. Equipped with advanced analytics and diagnostic tools, get better understanding of your health and find ways on how to maintain or improve your well-being.

  • Allergies Allergies

    Record allergic reactions & get suggestions on dietary intake and medications

  • Bloodlabs Blood Test

    Portable blood lab record allows for rapid analysis in the case of emergency.

  • Conditions Doctor Assessments

    Get a holistic view based on your consultation report, operational history

  • Imaging Imaging

    Perfect place to store all your X-Rays that are easily accessible and shareable.

  • Pregnancies Pregnancies

    Lifetime record, from the moment you are pregnant till your child grow up.

  • Shots Vaccinations

    Keep track of your vaccination history and set reminder for your next immunization.

  • Medications Medications

    Monitor your drug & supplements intake

Empower Yourself

  • Access

    MedicTrust tools enable you to conveniently store, manage, and access your health records online from anywhree in the world, at no cost.

  • Security & Privacy

    MedicTrust enables you to privately and securely share your health records with your trusted medical providers.

  • Efficiency

    MedicTrust tools can help assist your doctors with a 360° view of your condition, ensuring a more efficient and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

  • Innovation

    MedicTrust is equipped with an innovative and advanced analytics and diagnostics, a valuable tool for understanding conditions and determining the right course of action.

  • Empowerment

    MedicTrust is essentially designed to empower you to take care of your own health and those of your loved ones.


  • Doctors

    Improve your professional relationship with patients through personalized reminder, online consultation and newsletter. Your profile will also be viewable to our entire users and thereby increasing your digital presence at no cost.

  • Clinics

    We also help to increase the efficiency of your day-to-day clinical operation by allowing you to handle administrative tasks online such as managing appointment and set up reminders for patients. As an extension of your customer service system, clinics can connect with thousands of patients and sent out periodical newsletter and promotions.

  • Community

    Build a healthier community by establishing a newsletter system where members can receive regular health tips and useful information from the medical world.

What People are Saying

Rsz testi4 Dr Andri Wanananda
General Practitioner

Kenapa menyimpan riwayat kesehatan penting? Jelas for patient safety. Patient bisa proactive memberi tahu dokter apa allergy nya, medications yang di konsumsi etc, sehingga dokter lebih mengerti.

Rsz testi3 Grace Melia, 26
Social Activist

Saya tertarik memakai MedicTrust karena anak saya punya banyak sekali health records. Selama ini cukup repot membawa semua health records itu dalam satu tas dan repot juga saat mencari-cari. Dengan app ini health records anak saya jadi well organized dan mudah dilihat.

Rsz testi1 Rafael, 25
Investment Analyst

Saya sign up karena curious ingin mencoba hal baru. Tapi ternyata setelah menyimpan records saya dengan rapi, ini memudahkan saya di saat saya mencari opini kedua di Singapore. Wajib download dan signup!

Rsz testi2 Myria, 27

Iseng-iseng coba MedicTrust, sekarang malah nggak bisa lepas. Membantu bgt buat yang mau promil dan dokternya masih ganti-ganti, jadi nggak perlu tes-tes ulang segala macem yang nggak-murah itu. Thank you MedicTrust!

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Lots of people need daily care but only a few can be managed because capped by distance and time.

MedicTrust will help Doctor to manage their patients remotely and efficiently.

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